Warm welcome to our Nursery School Program.  We are a member of WECAN, the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America.  We provide a gentle, nurturing home and nature based early education environment inspired by Waldorf education.  Our program is enriched with only natural fibers and materials and we provide age appropriate nourishing meals.  Honeybee Home Nursery Care's rich daily rhythm includes self directed movement and exploration, singing and games, and hands on seasonal activities.  Our program is a continuation and support system for our families seeking to create the most respectful and joyous transitions and care possible for each individual child.

We use no electronic media in our program whatsoever.  Television, videogames, handheld devices, etc. are not a part of our program.  In fact we believe, in keeping with the principles of Waldorf education, that such things run counter to what we are trying to offer.  It is our heartfelt recommendation to you that if you are able to eliminate or greatly minimize screen time, your child will be able to take in experiences like walking through nature, interacting socially and creative play more deeply. 

We have articles and medical studies available if you are interested.



Honeybee Home Nursery Care is led by Amy Burkey and Melissa Barton, early childhood educators with 30 years combined experience in both home and Waldorf school classrooms.  Amy is also a mother of six, Spatial Dynamics graduate, gardener and yoga teacher.


The recognition of the innate human dignity of the child is central to Waldorf Education.  Phases of child development guide the curriculum.  The cornerstones of a Waldorf early childhood program are:

Creative Free Play
The small child experiences the world through play.  They learn by imitation, imitating the work happening around them as play.  Their senses, and ultimately their bodies, are formed through what they take in this way.

A steady rhythm of arrival, meals and snacks, going outside, storytime etc supports and calms the child’s experience of being alive.  Children with a healthy rhythm feel strong.

Leaving the story partly untold, allowing the child to see an animal or a princess in a piece of bark, builds the creative force of thinking which will serve for a lifetime.



Nursery School and Garden